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  • A drawing of tall plastic container with holes at the top, similar to a parmesan shaker, on a pastel orange pop art background. The label says Good Words but is spelled g-u-d w-i-r-d-s in large hand-drawn sans serif letters. The small type says sprinkle liberally, net weight 11 ounces, contains verbage. The brand at the bottom says Theatre of Christi on a small orange bowtie logo.
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Theatre of Christi

Güd Wirds Orange Pop

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Everyone could use a little encouragement sometimes. Calorie-free and extra crispy, so good you could even call them great! Goes well on any sort of achievement or learning opportunity, big or small. Sprinkle liberally. Contains verbage. 

Printed in our studio on extra-nice matte paper with bright archival inks.