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  • Three fridge magnets, each approximately 3 inches high. One is a red can with a white label that says Can O Whoopass, one is a green glass jar that says Pickled Consequences, and one is a glass jar with shadowy herring fish who's label says Salted Possibilities. Art by Theatre of Christi.
  • Three fun fridge magnets, same as described in the first image. Art by Theatre of Christi.
  • One fridge magnet depicted next to a ruler, showing size, approximately 3 inches high and one inch wide. Art by Theatre of Christi.
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Theatre of Christi

Fridge Magnets Trio

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A trio of fun fridge magnets: Can 'O' Whoopass, Pickled Consequences, and Salted Possibilities. Just in case your fridge needs a little more ambiguity as to what might be found inside. Magnets are approx. 3" high.