Meet the Artist

Christina Weese, Canadian Artist

Hi! My name is Christina Weese. I'm an artist, photographer, graphic designer, and writer. Over the last couple of years I started designing hand-drawn labels for silly/essential life things in cans and bottles. It seemed like a good way to put a message out into the world.

I like to think we're getting little messages from the universe all the time -- messages to keep going, or that we're on the right track, or that we need to see things from a different perspective. I think these reminders are just as likely to come from the mundane vernacular around us as from anywhere else. I think there's something interesting about taking back the attention used by advertising and making something for ourselves from it. 

I identify as #neurodiverse. I live in a small town on Treaty 6 Territory near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada with my husband, two boys, and several accidental cats. 

I hang out online at @theatreofchristi on Instagram. I'm always working on something new; the best way to hear about new things is by joining my email list.

Thanks for stopping by! 


Image of the artist's face, reflected in a computer screen, hand on chin, with hand-drawn embellishments that look like colourful scribbles in a thought bubble.